le lavoir erEvan pampelonne


Born from the desire to be perfumed in a different way, the scents of the Erevan laundry accompany you when you wear your clothes.
Whether you are in a summery mood with Pampelonne or in a more mellow atmosphere with Bourbon, the first two Erevan laundry solutions are designed as variations of the brand's fragrances, using quality ingredients from the finest soap factories in Marseille. No need to overdo it, their 2% dosage guarantees impeccable laundry and a long-lasting fragrance. Their vintage packaging makes them easily recognisable.
In mini (50ml) or maxi (1L) format, the Erevan laundry is the olfactory signature of your wardrobe at home or on the road. Use alone or in combination with your favourite perfume!
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2 products